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UniFi Controller 5 on Synology NAS

I recently installed the UniFi Controller 5 on my Synology NAS (DS918+). Unfortunately, after installing the package from the website wasn’t working. In Chrome, I would receive the following error: ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH Thankfully, a little bit of googling resulted in a solution here: What do you need to do to fix this: SSH into your Synology and […]

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite configured with...

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite configured with Telfort (SNI-F)

A few weeks ago, I bought myself an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite. (ERL) You can find it at several shops for just below €100. It is a powerful peace of equipment and Ubiquiti boasts its price/performance ratio. The goal I had was to replace the ExperiaBox (v8) that came with my Telfort Glasvezel subscription. The WiFi […]

Picasa 3.9 on a Synology NAS and Mac OSX

Picasa 3.9 on a Synology NAS and Mac OSX

I have a large collection of digital photos on my Synology NAS (currently a DS-209II running DSM 4.2). Managing this with iPhoto is quite a challenge, because it cannot handle the photos being stored somewhere else. It copies everything across to its library, which can grow quite big. With current expensive SSD storage this is […]